2014 Health Rankings — Hawaii #1, Mississippi #50

State Quality of CareThe 2014 data from the United Health Foundation is in.  The graph rates health status of people in all 50 states .  Hawaii, the state with a virtual single payer, is #1 and Mississippi with poverty and poor access to care is #50.  The rankings aggregate 27 measures including physical inactivity, infectious diseases, immunizations, number of primary care physicians and disparity in health status.


Addendum (2/26/15):  After creating the above graphic I realized it was virtually the same as one in a previous blog.  The first graph was from the Commonwealth Fund intended to show regions of poor quality care (e.g.patients not given adequate immunizations) and the second was from the United Health Foundation intended to show patients having poor health (e.g. patients not taking immunizations).  In the first it says the health care system is not doing enough, the second says the health care system is overwhelmed by problems.  I tend to side with the Commonwealth Fund. When you find yourself surrounded by alligators it is important to recall your first job was to drain the swamp, not to later just complain about alligators.  Good advice for the Mississippi legislature.

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