States with Poor Health Care — the bottom 13

2014overallbystatePoor healthcare exists in the United States and there are 13 states to prove it (*).  The map at the left is from the Commonwealth Fund and it is an aggregate of many measures of healthcare quality.  Mississippi is the worst — perhaps the State should be listed as a 3rd world country!

So just to make the point a little sharper here is the list of States in the bottom quartile and the Governors.

State Governor Party
Alabama Robert Bentley R
Arkansas Asa Hutchinson ** R
Illinois Bruce Rauner** R
Indiana Mike Pence R
Kentucky Steve Beshear D
Louisianna Bobby Jindal R
Mississippi Phil Bryant R
Missouri Jay Nixon D
Ohio John Kasich R
Oklahoma Mary Fallin R
S. Carolina Nikki Haley R
Tennessee Bill Haslam R
W. Virginia Earl Tomblin D

So, how to look at the data?  Do the above States just have a lot of health problems or just ineffective State government.   Sadly, the answer is both.


*D.C. Radley, D. McCarthy, J.A. Lippa, S.L. Hayes, and C. Schoen, Results from a Scorecard on State Health System Performance, 2014, The Commonwealth Fund, April 2014.

** New Governors just elected for 2015

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